Friday, 18 September 2015

Effective Grease Traps Installation For Successful Elimination Of FOG

Well, the commercial and residential kitchens tend to use lots of FOG (Fat, Oil and Grease) for cooking purposes. The main problem is that FOG are disposed by pouring down the drain. Although it may be liquid at the time of disposal, but consequently it will solidify when it tends to cool. As a result, it will stick to the pipe walls and can lead to clogs in the sewer. It’s quite inconvenient and expensive issue; that’s the main reason why many cities have mandated that the grease traps should be installed to keep away FOG from flowing into the sewer or septic system.  


Grease Trap- An Excellent Solution To Prevent Clogging In Kitchens

A grease trap is a large, rectangular shaped box; which is installed between the sewer line and sewer main of a building. When the waste water will flow into the grease trap, the FOG particles will rise to the top whereas the solid waste particles will move to the bottom. Therefore, only the waste liquid will flow out of the grease trap. However, a grease trap needs to be cleaned on a monthly basis in order to avoid clogging, like a septic tank. With proper maintenance, a grease trap can prevent clogs in the sewer line. 

Install Grease Traps and Protect Your Commercial and Residential Atmosphere

Usually, a grease trap intercepts as well as traps FOG entering the drainage system. After all, most wastewater in kitchen contains small amount of oils. However, the water used to wash dishes, pots and pans, especially in the commercial kitchens like restaurant must be filled with fats and grease. That’s the main reason why grease traps are commonly installed in the commercial premises. 

As you know that grease and fats are in liquid form; when they are very hot; but they will congeal within the drainage system after getting cool. This can lead to severe plumbing damages. So it’s the task of the grease interceptors to ensure that the grease and fat won’t come into the sewer system. 

Working Principles of Grease Traps

·        When greasy water will make its way into the grease trap, solid particles will sink to the bottom of the trap while FOG will rise at the top. 

·         The solid and grease particles will leave behind and other liquids will be passed easily through a grease trap.

·         Clean grease traps thoroughly on a routine basis to avoid clogging

Finding The Professional Plumbers in Nassau 

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