Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Great Benefits of Emergency Plumbing Repair Service in Suffolk

Whether it is your home or business in Suffolk, both depend upon reliable plumbing. Plumbing issues in your home can cause inconvenience to your family members as well as result in temporarily shutting down the business. In any case, you can be relaxed by seeking assistance of professional plumbers to fix any kind of plumbing issue in an efficient way.

What are the causes of plumbing repair issues?

Plumbing issues are generally related to:
  • Clogged drains- caused due to increasing deposits of grease and food particles
  • Repiping- This is done to change or replace aging pipes and drains with new and moderns pipes & drains.
  • Leaky faucets- Leaky faucets over the time can get worse and can result in the increase of the utility bills.
  • Heat loss issues of conventional water heaters
Why emergency plumbing repair is necessary?

Plumbing emergencies in your Suffolk home or business can cause severe damage; this needs a prompt plumbing repair service to avoid severe damage or huge loss. In order to resolve an emergency plumbing repair issue, you will need prompt and efficient plumbers who are capable in fixing variety of emergency plumbing issues.

What are the benefits of emergency plumbing repair service?

Available 24/7:

Emergency plumbing repair service always require an experienced and skilled plumber to fix a burst pipe issue in the middle of night, a severely blocked toilet or any other plumbing emergency that cannot wait until morning. With 24/7 emergency plumbing repair service you can feel relaxed, being assured that any issue will be solved promptly.

Well Equipped Plumbers:

 Professional plumbers for an emergency plumbing repair issues are experienced and skilled as well as highly equipped for handling any plumbing situation by arriving to your home or business place at the right time. This ensures in getting an exceptional service as well as assures in reducing the damage associated with the plumbing issues.

Saves Money:

Emergency plumbing repair services are designed to save money in the long run. Minimizing the majority of damage and fixing it at the right time is the main objective of emergency plumbing repair service; this leads in saving at times thousands of dollars.

Ensure Reliable Service:

From a licensed and reputable plumbing repair service provider in Suffolk, you can be assured of getting reliable emergency service. This will ensure security as well as give you the peace of mind to enjoy an exceptional service.

You should always remember that your plumbing systems in your home or business require routine maintenance to keep operating properly and safely in an efficient way. To get exceptional & reliable service, you can consider doing any kind of plumbing maintenance and also know you can get emergency plumbing repair in Suffolk by Allied/All-City Inc for  all of your residential or commercial plumbing issues. We offer licensed and highly skilled plumbers equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to identify and locate as well as fix your any kind of plumbing issue.

Give us a call today at 516-785-2700 FREE FREE for prompt and efficient service.

Friday, 18 September 2015

Effective Grease Traps Installation For Successful Elimination Of FOG

Well, the commercial and residential kitchens tend to use lots of FOG (Fat, Oil and Grease) for cooking purposes. The main problem is that FOG are disposed by pouring down the drain. Although it may be liquid at the time of disposal, but consequently it will solidify when it tends to cool. As a result, it will stick to the pipe walls and can lead to clogs in the sewer. It’s quite inconvenient and expensive issue; that’s the main reason why many cities have mandated that the grease traps should be installed to keep away FOG from flowing into the sewer or septic system.  


Grease Trap- An Excellent Solution To Prevent Clogging In Kitchens

A grease trap is a large, rectangular shaped box; which is installed between the sewer line and sewer main of a building. When the waste water will flow into the grease trap, the FOG particles will rise to the top whereas the solid waste particles will move to the bottom. Therefore, only the waste liquid will flow out of the grease trap. However, a grease trap needs to be cleaned on a monthly basis in order to avoid clogging, like a septic tank. With proper maintenance, a grease trap can prevent clogs in the sewer line. 

Install Grease Traps and Protect Your Commercial and Residential Atmosphere

Usually, a grease trap intercepts as well as traps FOG entering the drainage system. After all, most wastewater in kitchen contains small amount of oils. However, the water used to wash dishes, pots and pans, especially in the commercial kitchens like restaurant must be filled with fats and grease. That’s the main reason why grease traps are commonly installed in the commercial premises. 

As you know that grease and fats are in liquid form; when they are very hot; but they will congeal within the drainage system after getting cool. This can lead to severe plumbing damages. So it’s the task of the grease interceptors to ensure that the grease and fat won’t come into the sewer system. 

Working Principles of Grease Traps

·        When greasy water will make its way into the grease trap, solid particles will sink to the bottom of the trap while FOG will rise at the top. 

·         The solid and grease particles will leave behind and other liquids will be passed easily through a grease trap.

·         Clean grease traps thoroughly on a routine basis to avoid clogging

Finding The Professional Plumbers in Nassau 

Allied/All-City Inc. is a plumbing specialist serving wide varieties of plumbing needs throughout Nassau and Suffolk. We can install, repair and clean the grease traps so that you can utilize them in a better way. If you want to enable a healthy atmosphere in your residential and commercial property, then consider grease traps installation from Allied/All-City Inc. Feel free to contact us today to discuss about our available options!

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Avoid Unnecessary Damages To Your Driveway With Trenchless Sewer Repair

Do you find any sink hole in your yard or do you smell something foul in your lawn? If your answer is yes, then you should go for a sewer line replacement. Though sewer lines don’t have any sign at the time of their collapse, so a sewer line replacement can an ideal solution for these issues.

Plumbing Repairs33

Getting the right sewer line replacement is an important plumbing job; but that does not imply that it should be done in a single way! There are several alternatives for sewer line repairs; which can prevent any repair in the near future and save money and even unnecessary damage to your driveway or lawn! To resolve sewer line related problems, you should consider trenchless sewer line repair. In fact, trenchless sewer repair is an evolving modern technology; which has been used over 20 years throughout the United States. There are wide arrays of reasons that make trenchless sewer line repair a perfect option than traditional approaches. Here are some benefits of trenchless sewer repairs that you should know before you will need it:

Top 5 Incredible Benefits Of Trenchless Sewer Repairs

Cost Effective

In fact, it’s the one of the top most benefit that most people consider trenchless technology over any traditional approach for sewer line replacement. As compared to other traditional plumbing services, trenchless sewer repairs can be done without ripping up or destroying your front yard landscaping.

Minimal System Downtime

Whether your sewer line repair or replacement is for your home or business, the trenchless technology way allows a new sewer line to be done in a day. With no ground damage or work to do after the job is done.

Plumbing Repairs11

No Damage To Your Landscapes

When many people think of sewer line repair, they usually picture a huge trench running the length of their property. However, the traditional sewer line replacement involves digging up the landscape by possibly breaking the concrete and disrupting areas of your residential and commercial property. As the name suggests, trenchless sewer repair doesn’t need any trench to be dug; so there will be no disruption to the surface. No work rebuilding your property.

Inherent Protection Against Future Issues

Trenchless sewer line repair will help you prevent problems that may occurr in the future. With the trenchless sewer line replacement, your old sewer system will be replaced by the finest pipe; which is made up of exclusive epoxy resins and is one piece, without any seams or joints. The main benefit of this resin pipe is to resist roots from trees and bushes and stand up to any underground intrusion. Therefore, the sewer line won’t contain any roots or debris and flow will always be smooth!

Environment Friendly Alternative

Unlike the traditional approach for sewer line repairs, trenchless technology will allow the ultimate utilization of exclusive equipments and techniques to repair the sewer pipes without offering any bad impact to the environment.

Finding The Plumbing Specialists For Trenchless Sewer Repairs

Allied/All City Inc., a reliable plumbing expert in New York City (www.alliedallcityinc.com) and Long Island, offers quality trenchless sewer line replacement, a cost effective and efficient plumbing option. Understanding these benefits can allow you to sort out the plumbing emergencies efficiently. For immediate assistance, feel free to visit our website or contact us today!

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Contact with Emergency Plumbing Services in Nassau

Do you have a plumbing emergency? If yes, then the problem will become bigger if you wait. So, you should get in touch with emergency plumbing services in Nassau to overcome the most common emergency every day. Here are five common reasons:


Clogged Toilets

Is your toilet clogged or making some strange noises? Or the flush of the toilet is not working! Well, the toilet is an important fixture in the household; any problem with the toilet can be enough to ruin your home with a leak which can ruin your day. Hire emergency plumbing services in Nassau of Allied/All City Inc and fix any plumbing related issues right away!

Clogged Sink

If you are brushing your teeth or doing dishes in the kitchen, you will find the sink doesn’t allow it drain all the debris or water, then it can back-up or break a pipe causing a major impact to your residential environment. Before the clog gets too severe, you should call the plumbing company right away; otherwise the clogged sink will slow down your daily activities.


Burst Pipes

However, the freeze-thaw cycles can cause the pipes to burst. This problem requires a replacement of pipe; which should be handled by the professionals of emergency plumbing in Nassau from Allied/All City Inc.

Brust pipe

No Hot Water

You hop into the shower and soap up with your favorite body wash; but suddenly you will find the water becomes ice-cold. It can be a malfunctioning hot water heater or a plumbing issue.

Sewer System Backup

In fact, it could become the worst plumbing nightmare, that you may not want to experience. But a backup of the sewer system can be messy, inconvenient and expensive. Signs of a sewer backup may include numerous clogged drains, bad sewage odor coming from the drains, bubbling toilets and the water spreading around the home basement floor.

septic system installation

After all, like every individual you expect your plumbing system to work without any problem. But at times you do get problematic plumbing emergencies, that have to be remedied! Luckily, no matter when a plumbing emergency happens, we will be right at your service without any delay. To schedule our emergency plumbing service in Nassau, just feel free to contact us today !

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Thursday, 23 July 2015

Necessary Guidelines To Consider During Plumbing Emergencies in Nassau

Well, friends! You cannot always avoid an accident; but you can take efficient steps to lower the chances of an accident. However, the same principle will also work on plumbing also! For instance, you can minimize the chances of experiencing a sewage backup by avoiding anything flushing on to it. Another common mistakes that can lead to severe plumbing issues is ignoring minor leaks in the plumbing system of your home.


Essential Guidelines To Avoid Plumbing Emergencies

Whenever a plumbing emergency occurs, it’s very essential to keep your cool until our plumbing repair professionals will arrive. However, you should take a few steps to alleviate the plumbing problems instead of waiting the plumbers to arrive at your destination. If you will wait for the plumbers, then no doubt it will convert a small emergency to a major catastrophe.

In fact, if you will experience any major leak in the plumbing system, then it will be best for you to recognize the main water shut off valve of your home. By shutting down the main water supply of your home, you can stop the leak instantly. Again, if there is a minor leak in a pipe or fixture, then it can be avoided temporarily by using a duct tape.

Whenever you will encounter the first sign of any plumbing issue in your home, it will be a great idea to contact the plumbing repair experts in Nassau of Allied/All-City Inc. With having the team of experienced plumbers and years of excellence, we will be able to diagnose and repair your specific plumbing issues efficiently. If you will let our plumbing repair professionals to fix your necessary plumbing issues, then be sure that your plumbing emergency will be dealt in a swift and efficient way.

On the other hand, our plumbers in Nassau know that proper functioning of a residential plumbing system is imperative; when it comes to maintaining a neat and clean, safe and comfortable home. Therefore, we strive to offer preventive plumbing maintenance in order to let your household operation run smoothly.

So, if you have any plumbing related concerns in Nassau, then hurry up and contact the specialists plumbing repairs of Allied/All-City Inc at 516-785-2700.

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Thursday, 9 July 2015

Consider Grease Traps Installation and Enable a Healthy Atmosphere In Your Restaurant

If you own a restaurant, then you might have heard that don’t pour oil, fat and grease down your drains. Well, it’s a true fact. The FOG (Fat, Oil and Grease) will clog the drain so that it will result an increase in the water pressure in the drain system. However, there is no way to stop all the grease particles from going down the kitchen drain. Therefore, you should consider a grease trap installation in your commercial kitchen.

Grease traps installation 

What is a Grease Trap

Grease traps are otherwise known as ‘Grease Interceptors’ which are specific, essential units attached to the plumbing system under the kitchen sink or a localized area where several sinks connect to. As a restaurant owner, you should use much larger grease traps in restaurants in order to take care of the huge amount of grease; which will consequently go down the waste water drains and will clog septic tanks and sewer systems. For residential kitchens that do a lot of cooking, you can use smaller unit of grease traps so that the wastewater from the kitchen will flow through leaving the grease behind before reaching the septic tank. These tanks are responsible for the separation of fat, oil and grease from the water.

How Does a Grease Trap Work

The main job of grease traps is to filter/separate out the FOG or any solid from the wastewater before it  moves on to the septic tank. The traps do the work in the following way:

When the wastewater heads/goes down the drain, it drops into the grease trap where the water, grease, and small solids are deposited into the trap. As a result solid particles will sink to the bottom and the FOG will cool and float on the top, leaving the wastewater to stay in the middle. The outgoing line (discharge drain line) from the grease trap, has a special pipe coming mid-way into the tank from above that only allows waste water from the middle, without the grease and such to leave the tank and move on to your septic tank. The solid wastes and FOG will be trapped in the tank.

Varieties of Grease Traps

There are three main types of grease traps that you will find on the market recently.

Automatic Grease Removal Unit

Being known as AGRU, this trap is much more effective and expensive option. The skimmers of AGRU will help to remove the FOG efficiently; which makes this trap somewhat more complex than the other designs.

Gravity Operated Traps

As per the name, this trap uses the power of gravity to move the wastewater through its 2 to 3 tanks in order to capture the solid and FOG particles.


This is a type of grease trap; which proactively cools the wastewater in order to push the solids and FOG to the end point of the tank where they can be cleaned out.


At the end, grease traps are an essential addition to any commercial kitchen; so consider grease trap installation from Allied/All City Inc. No matter what your preferences are, whether it’s a fresh installation or a repair, our plumbers in Plainview will fix the plumbing related issues efficiently. For immediate plumbing assistance, feel free to reach us today at (516) 785 2700 or make a visit to our website today.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Best Quality and Efficient Grease Traps For Your Kitchen

Want to install finest quality grease traps in your kitchen? And looking for reputable plumbers in Nassau for the grease traps installation purposes? Our professional plumbers can offer necessary grease traps installation in commercial kitchens so that the grease solids of your restaurants can’t clog up in your plumbing system. As a result, less back-ups, more productivity.

Grease Traps Installation

What Exactly The Need Of Grease Traps?

If you are running a restaurant business, then you are running more of the fats, oils and grease (FOG) from the different dishes through your plumbing lines. Although, these ingredients are great in serving all sorts of tasty dishes, but disposing these the products can be a little bit problematic. However, they are liquid when you use them to cook, but once they will cool, then they will become a viscous, semi-solid. These semi-solids can cause severe problems in your plumbing system; so you should consider the grease traps installation from ALLIED/ALL CITY INC.

Now, let’s have a look at following benefits of choosing our reliable plumbers for the grease traps installation purposes:

Top Highlighting Benefits Of Grease Traps Installation
  • Our plumbers in Nassau know that the FOG (Fats, Oils and Grease) can cause major damage to your plumbing system. These substances can turn into solids easily and clog up the plumbing system. In your commercial kitchen, lots of grease particles can go down the drain on a daily basis. So, you should choose our renowned plumbers to enable grease trap installation in order to save your food establishment or kitchen from major repairs or damage.
  • With the latest technology in equipment and processes, our plumbers are experienced enough to install and maintain grease traps efficiently. After the grease trap installation, the grease substances can be collected in the grease trap instead of solidifying in the pipe walls. Once the grease trap fills up to a certain capacity, it must be removed and cleaned. So, your plumbing system will need little maintenance which ALLIED/ALL CITY INC does also for you. Keeping you, your employees, and customers happy.
If you don’t have an installed grease trap in the kitchen, contact ALLIED/ALL CITY INC at (516) 785 2700.