Thursday, 9 July 2015

Consider Grease Traps Installation and Enable a Healthy Atmosphere In Your Restaurant

If you own a restaurant, then you might have heard that don’t pour oil, fat and grease down your drains. Well, it’s a true fact. The FOG (Fat, Oil and Grease) will clog the drain so that it will result an increase in the water pressure in the drain system. However, there is no way to stop all the grease particles from going down the kitchen drain. Therefore, you should consider a grease trap installation in your commercial kitchen.

Grease traps installation 

What is a Grease Trap

Grease traps are otherwise known as ‘Grease Interceptors’ which are specific, essential units attached to the plumbing system under the kitchen sink or a localized area where several sinks connect to. As a restaurant owner, you should use much larger grease traps in restaurants in order to take care of the huge amount of grease; which will consequently go down the waste water drains and will clog septic tanks and sewer systems. For residential kitchens that do a lot of cooking, you can use smaller unit of grease traps so that the wastewater from the kitchen will flow through leaving the grease behind before reaching the septic tank. These tanks are responsible for the separation of fat, oil and grease from the water.

How Does a Grease Trap Work

The main job of grease traps is to filter/separate out the FOG or any solid from the wastewater before it  moves on to the septic tank. The traps do the work in the following way:

When the wastewater heads/goes down the drain, it drops into the grease trap where the water, grease, and small solids are deposited into the trap. As a result solid particles will sink to the bottom and the FOG will cool and float on the top, leaving the wastewater to stay in the middle. The outgoing line (discharge drain line) from the grease trap, has a special pipe coming mid-way into the tank from above that only allows waste water from the middle, without the grease and such to leave the tank and move on to your septic tank. The solid wastes and FOG will be trapped in the tank.

Varieties of Grease Traps

There are three main types of grease traps that you will find on the market recently.

Automatic Grease Removal Unit

Being known as AGRU, this trap is much more effective and expensive option. The skimmers of AGRU will help to remove the FOG efficiently; which makes this trap somewhat more complex than the other designs.

Gravity Operated Traps

As per the name, this trap uses the power of gravity to move the wastewater through its 2 to 3 tanks in order to capture the solid and FOG particles.


This is a type of grease trap; which proactively cools the wastewater in order to push the solids and FOG to the end point of the tank where they can be cleaned out.


At the end, grease traps are an essential addition to any commercial kitchen; so consider grease trap installation from Allied/All City Inc. No matter what your preferences are, whether it’s a fresh installation or a repair, our plumbers in Plainview will fix the plumbing related issues efficiently. For immediate plumbing assistance, feel free to reach us today at (516) 785 2700 or make a visit to our website today.

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