Friday, 21 March 2014

How To Fix Washer Drain Pipe Overflow

If you live in an old house, then you probably may have experienced washer drain pipe overflow. This problem really annoys many and often takes a lot of effort for keeping the wash machine’s drain pipe clear. Literally, there are two likely causes why this problem usually arises in the kitchen a) either the drain pipe diameter is too narrow restricting the water flow or b) the drain pipe isn't vented properly. Both of these conditions are the reasons what stop the flow of water and make drain pipe overflow usually.

 If you are one of those experiencing the same trouble, fixing these trouble can be little difficult, especially when you are not expert or say, plumbing repair professional. But still, if you want to give it a try and want to fix it by yourself, then follow the instructions from below.

Tips and Guidelines –

  • Measure the diameter of the drain pipe with the help of a tape. Make sure the pipe is 1-1/2 inches in diameter and is enough for flow of water. In common houses, this is the usual size of the pipe of a wash machine, however, if you the size is 1-1/2 inches in diameter, you better consider replacing the pipe with 2-inch pipe for a clear drainage.

  • Trace the pipe to the point and replace the old one with the new with the help of couple of home tools like sewer and wrench.

  •   Glue the pipe behind the washing machine to stop the water leakage. And then you are done!

The above guide is about complete replacement of the problem creating pipe. Although, the alternative solution of fixing washer drain pipe overflow can be cleaning, but just because it requires professional tools and equipments, to solve the overflow problem, replacement is the only solution.

Well, as an alternative way, to solve the water drainage problem, you can take support from plumbing repair professionals. Having their support is the most dominant way of fixing the drainage problem, so simply take measures to find a reliable plumbing service.

Finding a professional support from professional plumbers can be daunting, therefore, it is better, if you take references and check their business profile briefly before hiring them.

To summarize, fixing up washer drain pipe overflow problem has two solutions, you either can handle it by your own, if you consider it for replacement, or else you can take support from plumbing services for cleaning to clear blockage.

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