Thursday, 16 April 2015

5 Important Reasons Why Your Restaurant Needs Cleaning of the Grease Traps

A grease trap separates fats and grease oils from waste water to keep away grease oil and fat from the sewer system as much as possible. Generally, grease traps are installed in restaurants and even used in some homes (if possible B & B) which have septic systems.

Grease Traps Installation

However, cleaning of grease trap plays a crucial role in the smooth operation of a restaurant. Cleaning may be unpleasant; but it needs to be done. Here, I have discussed 5important points why you should clean grease traps in your restaurant regularly.


No doubt, it’s the main reason why you should keep the grease traps functional and clean. Many municipalities need the grease traps to be cleaned every 90 days, whereas in some places, it should be cleaned in every 60 days. So, it needs to be done by a professional grease trap cleaning service.

Bacteria Growth

Bacteria tend to grow in uncleaned grease traps. In fact, the bacteria flourish on the organic materials that can contaminate your restaurant food and create serious health hazards. If you do the regular maintenance of cleaning the grease traps, then it will reduce the bacteria population and other harmful materials that may cause problems to your restaurant environment.


The grease materials from a dirty grease trap can eventually start back flowing up into your sinks and other areas in your kitchen. It can lead many more problems to your plumbing; so keep your plumbing system free of dirty grease and clean the restaurant grease trap immediately by the reputable grease trap cleaning service.

Foul Smell

As organic residues will be left in the grease trap, it will smell horrible. Obviously, it will be very bad for a restaurant environment. This can be only avoided by cleaning the grease traps effectively.

Lifetime of Your Waste water Systems

Cleaning of grease traps on a regular basis can properly maintain your waste water systems such as a septic system and keep them in good working condition longer.

As a restaurant owner, it’s essential to know the need to keep your grease traps clean and properly operating. If you want to upgrade, repair or install new grease traps for your restaurant, then contact Allied/All-City Inc today. Our experts will offer the finest quality grease trap systems and installations at extremely reasonable prices. To discuss more about our offerings, feel free to contact us today at 516-785-2700.

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